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At Fundació Scito we have organised international events for over a decade with our brand nanoGe. These years of experience have given us the skills and abilities necessary for the organisation of any kind of event, whether they be on-site or online.

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At Fundació Scito we will provide all the fundamental aspects, from invitation of speakers to issuing assistance and participation certificates.

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"First, I’d like to thank the team. This would not have been possible without the brilliant online platform that Scito has provided us with, and their kind help all throughout the weeks prior to the event. It has been one of the most fluid online events I have participated in to this day."
Dominik Kubicki
University of Cambridge
"It was an absolute pleasure working with the team again. Thank you all for your support, your help and your efficiency!
I hope to work with you again. If I am ever at Valencia, I will definitely get in touch with you!"
Flynn S.R.
Swansea University

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