About us

La Fundació Scito (Scito Foundation) is a non-profit organization* located in Valencia, which carries out international activities aimed at promoting, developing, supporting, studying, advancing, conserving and disseminating cultural, scientific and technological heritage.

Principles of action of the Scito Foundation

The Scito Foundation promotes the dissemination, education and exchange of information and scientific knowledge worldwide. The vision of the Foundation in the scientific field avoids all kinds of localities and transfers the scope of its actions throughout the world. In this regard, the Foundation implements the guidelines of the classical scientific ethos as guiding principles. These principles can be characterized as follows:

  • Universalism: It is considered that there are no privileged sources of knowledge. Therefore, scientific contributions cannot be rejected due to race, nationality, gender or some other irrelevant criterion.
  • Communism: Scientific knowledge is considered to be public and free; that is, available to everyone.
  • Disinterest: It is considered that scientific knowledge is not subject to mercantilist criteria.
  • Organized skepticism: it is considered that there is no absolute and immutable knowledge.

That is, scientific knowledge is always revisable based on new contributions.

The Scito Foundation admits that the scientific institutions, as global actors, can deviate from the previous guidelines for multiple reasons. Although fully aware of the deviations and pressures, the foundation has the firm intention to adjust to the principles that have been described. The universalistic vision guides the Foundation to make a clear separation between the governments of the states (with their policies) and the citizenship of these states, which in no case can be discriminated against in accessing or disseminating scientific knowledge. The public vision of scientific knowledge obliges the Foundation to make available to everyone the contributions that the community wishes to disseminate or communicate, without any lucrative claim. Skepticism places scientific knowledge in the field of public debate. Therefore, the Scito Foundation considers that the organization of congresses and scientific meetings in different places of the world is an adequate and positive way of contributing to its objectives, while respecting the guiding principles.

However, the Scito Foundation feels ingrained in the Valencian Country, a country in the western Mediterranean with secular cultural and linguistic ties with other Catalan-speaking territories. This encourages the Foundation to promote the promotion, dissemination, learning and public communication of literary and cultural works within its own linguistic field.

* Registered in the Valencian Community Registry of Foundations with number 607V